Tarot in the Land of Mystereum

Where is the Land of Mystereum? Mystereum is a place where you can establish harmonious relationships with your ideas and feelings, explore identity and personality, and guide your intuition and imagination. We celebrate our differences. ‘All similar, each unique,’ is our motto . . .



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A Note About Reversals

Reversal indications have not been provided for every card. Another manner of reading a reversal rather than as a reversed meaning is to utilize an emphasis with more concern for the non-reversed meaning, relating more to one’s inner world than indicating the outer world. Perhaps the issues illustrated in the card in question are still on an unconscious level or are being dealt with internally, unsuspected and unseen by those around the subject of the reading. Read the card with your inner context, your inner essence . . . often especially the Back 40 where any white noise is probably yours. And, of course, I suggest tailoring the indications to the extent that all or various portion(s) resonate with you and resonate in context together. Perception can provide various feelings for the cards: as mirrors, as windows, as doors, as landscapes, as compositions. Read your cards as looking at art. Providing a seat in your mind may indicate wonderful resonance . . . or a time-out for that concept or archetype . . . or falling on deaf ears.

End Note:

It’s of course up to each of us what influences us, gets under our skin, enhances us, reinforces us, strengthens us. The Mystereum Tarot Æ is not intended as medical help or as a solution for any mental, emotional, or physical problems.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the Mystereum Tarot Æ.

All the Best!,

Jordan Hoggard