AidoWedo offers tarot creators of all influences and skill levels an opportunity to offer their cards for free tarot reading on this website. At the same time, we offer tarot fans some of the hottest new decks to use for free online reading. While the big publishers focus on business first, AidoWedo puts the spotlight on the artists and their works. If you happen to be a tarot creator – of any persuasion or skill level, we invite you to offer your tarot and oracle creations to the world on

Artists and readers may also get access to the live chat reading section of the site, where they can do free or paid chat readings with their own decks or the others on AidoWedo sites, including even the possibility of doing playing card readings. The reader gets full control of the live chat reading session. Flipping the cards one by one, you can even type your own descriptions, customizing them according to the nature of the query. Online tarot classes are even possible, as chat sessions allow for multiple querents.

The artists’ ideas do not represent those of Tarotica or AidoWedo.